Corrosion-Resistant Plunger Pumps

Cat Pumps introduces its 7CP6111 and 7CP6171 triplex plunger pumps with the delivery of 10.5 GPM up to 2,000 PSI.

Cat Pumps 7CP6111 and 7CP6171Cat Pumps introduces its 7CP6111 single-shaft direct-drive triplex plunger pump, which boasts 1,750 RPM, along with its 7CP6171 single-shaft belt-drive triplex plunger pump, which features 1,450 GPM. According to the company, these new plunger pumps additionally provide:

  • A corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel liquid-end for corrosion resistance.
  • A high-strength, corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel manifold for liquid compatibility.
  • The delivery of 10.5 GPM up to 2,000 PSI.  
  • STG V-Packings for extended seal life.
  • A dipstick for rapid oil level checking.
  • A compact, space-saving footprint.
  • Pre-assembled pump motor units that are available with either 10 or 15 HP.
  • Suitability for pumping liquids, such as seawater in small seawater reverse osmosis installations, distilled water for misting, or hot water and sanitizers for sterile cleaning systems.