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Flow Aid Device Controller

Thayer Scale's Bridge Breaker® controller finely controls the ON/OFF time of flow aid devices so that they are activated only when necessary.

Thayer Scale now offers the Bridge Breaker® controller (BBC), a self-contained unit capable of operating a variety of flow aid devices (FADs) for the purpose of ensuring material flows freely through a hopper, bin or silo even at variable flow rates. The BBC:

  • Can control various devices such as Thayer’s Bridge Breaker®, electric or pneumatic vibrators, air cannons, air pads, or combinations thereof.
  • Finely controls the ON/OFF time of the FADs so that they are activated only when necessary.
  • Tie (link) channels together, which allows cascading of the FADs to effectively and efficiently keep the material moving.
  • Contains four separate channels with each channel capable of controlling up to two solenoid operated air valves, each of which can operate one or two Bridge Breaker® screens or other FADs.

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