Independent Peer Review for Bulk Solids Handling

Jenike & Johanson now peer reviews bulk solids-handling applications, and it typically only takes two to four weeks to complete.

Jenike peer review for bulk solidsJenike & Johanson has announced its peer review service for bulk solids-handling applications. This peer review service typically takes 2 to 4 weeks to complete depending on the type of system being evaluated, whether it is a new or existing system, and whether an on-site trip is required. According to the company, a peer review for bulk solids-handling system design is important when redundancy in processing design in lacking, operation is related to public health and safety, using new technology or design methods, or working with new or unique bulk solids. Jenike & Johanson believes that its role in a solids-handling peer review is to verify:

  • Bulk solids flow assumptions and influences of site processes and ambient conditions.
  • Appropriate design procedures and analyses.
  • Attainment of your needs and specifications regarding bulk solids processing.
  • Feasibility and practicality of the process design.
  • Solids-handling effects on processes or equipment.
  • Components that may include stockpiles, silos, hoppers, feeders, chutes, blenders and more. 
  • By way of a written report.