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High-Throughput Screw Conveyor

A flexible screw conveyor from Spiroflow Systems, Inc. uses a simplified direct electric motor-driven spiral screw to achieve faster rotation speeds.

A flexible screw conveyor from Spiroflow Systems, Inc., moves dry bulk solids and ingredients at high throughputs. A new and simplified direct electric motor-driven spiral screw allows the conveyor to rotate at faster speeds than in previous models. Benefits of the conveyor include:

  • Low maintenance.
  • Increased capacity and lower costs.
  • Improved construction and simplified cleaning, made possible by Spiroflow‚Äôs upgraded spiral screws.
  • Gentle handling and a screw action that continuously remixes the conveyor contents, eliminating the separation risk inherent in pneumatic conveyors.
  • A simple, modular design that eliminates the need for additional operating equipment such as gear reducers or bearings.
  • A choice of three types of spiral screw: A standard round screw that handles most applications, a flat screw for certain light or aerated products and a beveled screw for conveying difficult materials such as iron oxide or products that smear such as chocolate.

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