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Data Acquisition Package for Attritors

Union Process, Inc.'s new data acquisition package provides real-time data that can help monitor conditions in the mill and improve quality control.

Union Process, Inc. is now offering an optional data acquisition package to provide customers with real-time data that will help monitor conditions in the mill, improve quality control and provide an easier method to do test comparisons. The software package is designed to interface with the Baldor VS1SP variable frequency drive, which is standard on most Union Process attritors sold in the United States. Using Modbus TCP/IP protocol, the data is displayed on any personal computer. The parameters that can be monitored with the optional package are:

  • Voltage to the motor.
  • Motor current in amps.
  • Motor absolute speed in rpm.
  • Reference speed in hertz.
  • Torque in newton-meters.
  • Actual motor rpm.
  • Agitator rpm.
  • Kilowatts.