Vertical Mixer with Total Emptying

Amixon GmbH's vertical mixers use an agitator helix to significantly increasing the emptying rate.

Amixon GmbH's vertical mixersAccording to amixon GmbH, its new vertical mixers:

  • Use apiral-type screw band agitators that rotate around a vertical axis, screwing the products to be mixed upwards in the periphery of the mixing chamber.
  • Have an agitator helix that is inclined and optionally sine wave-shaped, significantly increasing the emptying rate.
  • Can be operated with varying fill ratios from 10 to 100 percent.
  • Can be used for the extremely gentle homogenisation of products, but also for the intensive deagglomerate and microfine blending of high-viscous fluids.
  • Allow high residue removal rates, leading to savings with respect to raw material and time in actual practice.