Forklift Substitute for Tight Spaces

A&H Engineering's Shop Lift™ has a maximum payload of 600 lb., small footprint and turning circle of 67”.

A&H Engineering's Shop Lift™A&H Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc. offers the Shop Lift™ as a solution to the problem of heavy materials handling in a confined space. The device features:

  • A 600 lb. payload.
  • A footprint measuring 28” wide × 72” high × 61” long.
  • 12V electric-powered hydraulic pump with built-in battery and charger.
  • 18” long steel forks with 9” load center, adjustable from 8”-18” wide and with tilting to 15º, capable of elevating a load up to 51” off the floor, with a reach-in capacity of 28” forward extension.
  • Hydraulics rated to 1200 lbs.
  • Molded polyurethane or cast steel 8” diameter wheels with foot-engaged floor lock.
  • Turning circle of 67”.

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