Sunny Pump Looks on the Bright Side

Almatec® recently unveiled its E Series air-operated double-diaphragm pumps to gently displace fluids.


Almatec E SeriesAlmatec® recently unveiled its E Series air-operated double-diaphragm pumps, which are self-priming and gently displace fluids, with the patented PERSWING P® maintenance-free air-control system. The company says that the E Series is further characterized by:

  • A polyethylene (PE) or PTFE housing and pump components — PE has a high abrasion resistance, as much as 7 times higher than polypropylene and 1.6 times higher than steel, whereas PTFE resists chemicals, including acids and caustics, so that the pump’s internal parts don’t corrode.
  • A compact solid-block design that promotes reliability and operational efficiency.
  • Easy installation and a long service life, as well as the ability to provide unattended operation.
  • An integrated muffler.
  • Suitability for withstanding the demands of the harsh applications found in solar-cell manufacturing.
  • An optional screw-on pulsation damper, draining system, barrier chamber system, diaphragm monitor, stroke counting and flange connection.