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High-Speed Tablet Checkweigher

MG America announces the MG2 SELEKTA, a high-speed checkweigher and sorting machine for the production of tablets.

Fairfield, NJ – MG America, the U.S. subsidiary of MG2 of Bologna, Italy and a leading supplier of processing and packaging equipment is releasing a groundbreaking new checkweighing machine. The MG2 SELEKTA is a high-speed checkweigher and sorting machine for the production of tablets.    

SELEKTA delivers exemplary accuracy at high speeds, and offers wide flexibility in terms of the product shapes and sizes it can handle. Depending on the product, SELEKTA can check up to 500,000 units per hour, faster than anything else currently on the market. This innovative technology is designed for seamless integration with existing tabletting equipment which allows for continuous process manufacturing.

The SELEKTA’s unique design utilizes MG2's experience in capsule filling technology by incorporating the main benefits of the company's Multi-NETT weight control system. Multi-NETT affords the ability to monitor and control net weight in low-dose applications (5-25mg). The system also can singularly monitor and control the net weight of multiple components dosed into a capsule, and rejects any capsule that exceeds preset weight tolerances.

The machine selects conforming and nonconforming units through a fail-safe system employing a set of sensors located at critical points throughout the testing process. SELEKTA also is easy to use and maintain; size change-over is quickly performed by replacing two sets of parts, which can be easily disassembled.

SELEKTA can be directly connected downstream from primary production equipment, upstream of blister lines, or used as a standalone unit with automatic or manual load (for smaller batches). In addition, two special versions of SELEKTA are available for integration into packaging lines where tablets are placed into bottles; for these operations, the two offerings are the SELEKTA/CW, which performs product counting as well as weighing, and the SELEKTA/C, whose sole function is counting.

“MG2’s Multi-NETT technology allows the new checkweigher to operate at high speeds with exceptional levels of accuracy,” said Fabio Trippodo, President of MG America.  “The SELEKTA is also exceedingly easy to use and can be integrated into existing production lines quickly and easily.”

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