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Wastewater Evaporator

Caloris Engineering LLC will debut the latest Caloris Cubix™ Evaporator design at WEFTEC Booth # 8639.

Caloris Engineering LLC will debut the latest Caloris Cubix™ Evaporator design at WEFTEC Booth # 8639. This compact, pre-engineered evaporator brings tremendous energy efficiencies in a robust configuration. It is designed specifically for the concentration of wastewaters of small to moderate daily flow rates and promises to make thermal evaporation a viable treatment option for a whole new set of users. The Caloris Cubix™ Evaporator helps customers achieve a higher concentration of total solids than can be achieved by rising or falling film evaporator systems. Caloris Cubix™ Evaporators are ultra-compact – even the largest models fit under a 10-foot ceiling.



Caloris Engineering LLC