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Compact Screw-Press

WEFTEC visitors to Alfa Laval’s booth #4917 will have the opportunity to see the new Alfa Laval Screw Press together with a sequential batch reactor (SBR), an Iso-Disc cloth media filter, a working membrane bioreactor (MBR) unit, key decanter feature components and a fluid control display.

The compact Alfa Laval Screw Press is specifically designed for dewatering of industrial and municipal water and wastewater sludge as a cost-effective way to reduce sludge volume, lowering transportation and disposal costs. The high-performance, continuous screw press is a user-friendly, reliable and robust piece of machinery with high operational uptime. It is characterized by extremely low power consumption, thanks to the direct drive gear motor and a slow rotational speed. The low speed has a direct, positive impact on operational costs and ensures an extremely low noise level. Two types of standard control systems are offered: advanced or basic control. These systems can be expanded to include feed and polymer pumps as well as the solids conveyor.