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Mezzanine Connectors

FCI announced that it has strengthened the portfolio of MezzoStak Mezzanine connectors with the addition of 80 and 90 position offerings.

FCI announced that it has strengthened the portfolio of MezzoStak Mezzanine connectors with the addition of 80 and 90 position offerings. These new variations’ stub-less contact interface supports PCIeGen2 compatibility and facilitates high speed performance of up to 5Gb. These characteristics enable the connectors to support communications and networking applications with higher signal transmission while allowing engineers to still tap on this category’s core value propositions – cost-savings, easy mating and space optimization. The connectors features an innovative hermaphroditic “mate-to-itself” design that reduces product mix and simplifies connector selection, documentation and component maintenance. This allows engineers to significantly reduce cost and time spent in the design and maintenance phase. In addition, this unique design catalyzes the consolidation of part numbers and components, which helps to increase the relative volume of this connector category and further drive down manufacturing cost. The consolidation also alleviates supply chain and inventory burdens for electronics component distributors and manufacturers alike. 


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