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Are Your Vibration Sensors Sensing Isolation?

R. STAHL's 9147 Series Ex i isolators now incorporate transmitter supply units that enable the use of vibration sensors in hazardous areas.

R. STAHL has extended its ISpac family of 9147 Series Ex i isolators and added important functions: The transmitter supply units enable the use of vibration sensors in hazardous areas. The company says that these components are highlighted by:

  • The condition monitoring of plants and machines, allowing users to detect any damage at an early stage.
  • The detection of problematic vibrations in process plants with rotating parts.
  • Modules that come as single unit on a DIN rail with a common power supply, and collective error messaging via the pac-Bus or in pac carriers, which enable factory pre-wiring of plants, thus facilitating final mounting or retrofitting at a later date, and ensuring error-free installation of the isolators.
  • Availability of a 1- or 2-channel version — the 2-channel version enables users to save 50 percent space in the switching cabinet, thereby reducing indirect installation costs.
  • An optimal signal-to-noise-ratio to ensure precise signal transmission.
  • An easily accessible rotary switch for quick and easy configuration.
  • The support of a wide range of sensors and transmitters.

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