Centralized Pneumatic Control for Hoists

J. D. Neuhaus recently developed a blowout preventer-handling system comprised of 4 of the company’s EH 50 air-operated monorail hoists.

J. D. Neuhaus recently developed a blowout preventer (BOP) handling system comprised of 4 of the company’s EH 50 air-operated monorail hoists. According to the company, other features include:

  • A centralized pneumatic system, providing common sensitive controls for all the lift and traverse movements of the hoists (each with a 50-ton lift capacity), either as individual or paired hoists, or with all 4 hoist units operating together.
  • 2 hoists operating in tandem on 1 common overhead beam for a collective synchronized lift of up to 100 tons, with 2 separate power supplies for individual hoist operation when required.
  • An emergency lowering device on each hoist to handle the controlled and safe grounding of suspended loads in the event of any total loss or interruption of  the 6-BAR mains air power supply.
  • Low-headroom hoists, fitted with instant-starting vane motors, which require little maintenance and resist humidity and dust, with an operating temperature range from -20° to 70°C.
  • The fitment of individual energy chains on the top and underside of the support beam.
  • Suitability for working in hazardous areas where there is a potential risk of explosion.
  • An offshore paint finish for corrosion protection against tough weather conditions, including salty, moist air on land, as well as at sea.
  • Optional pendant controls for use during equipment maintenance operations.

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