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New Features for Ribbon Blenders

Charles Ross introduces several new features on its ribbon blenders, including gasket-free covers, custom bag dump stations, clamshell couplings and more.

Charles Ross & Son introduces several new features on its ribbon blenders, including low-maintenance gasket-free covers, custom bag dump stations with safety grating, clamshell couplings for quick agitator removal, vacuum and pressure-rated blenders with reinforced troughs, heavy-duty models for dense materials, bottom discharge extruder assemblies and end wall scrapers. The company says that other features include:

  • The mixing of product within a U-shaped trough via a horizontal agitator with inner and outer helical ribbons precisely pitched to move materials in a well-balanced axial and radial flow pattern.
  • Tightly controlled clearances between the trough surfaces and agitator tips to ensure fast and thorough mixing.
  • Suitability for blending dry powders, granules, pellets and other solid forms, in addition to as paste mixers, vacuum dryers and granulators.
  • An interchangeable paddle agitator that can be supplied for gentler blending of shear-sensitive and friable applications.
  • An inverter-ready gearmotor, which performs better and requires less maintenance than older belt- and chain-driven designs that suffer from losses in horsepower and efficiency through slippage.
  • Electronic speed control, soft-start capabilities and overload protection.

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