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Automated Capping & Sealing

Bosch Packaging Technology has developed a new sealing solution for injection and infusion vials -- the compact VRT 1010|1020.

Bosch Packaging Technology has developed a new sealing solution for injection and infusion vials β€” the compact VRT 1010|1020 β€” which, according to the company, boasts:

  • Sensitive control systems to ensure reliable capping and achieve an output of 120 containers per minute.
  • Low-particle overseal capping of injection and infusion vials.
  • The ability to take over filled and plugged injection and infusion vials from an upstream filling machine or a rotary table via a single or double lane to let the vials pass through all working stations in a conveying starwheel with counter guidance.
  • A camera-based sensor that performs the stopper presence check before capping.  
  • The capability to guide containers with a missing or an incorrectly placed stopper to an outward station, whereas correctly stoppered containers continue to the capping station.
  • A tow-off chute to loosely attach caps to the vials after being picked up from the conveying system.
  • Clamping of the containers (while they are rotating) via a plunger, so they can be tilted against a freely revolving roller by means of a servo-controlled tilting movement.
  • A camera to check whether the capping process has taken place and the caps have been optimally crimped.
  • Mirrors that enable an all-round view for the camera to identify incorrect objects.
  • A reject station to collect containers that do not meet the necessary requirements.
  • The transport of correctly closed injection and infusion vials to a traying-off station or onto a discharge belt.
  • A modern touch-screen for easy handling, and the storage and full reproducibility of format-specific settings.
  • Suitability to handle toxic products.
  • Compliance with current EU GMP requirements, according to Annex 1.
  • The flexibility to be combined with barrier and containment systems.

PACK EXPO Booth #S2212