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Digital Liquid Level Displacement

The Magnetrol® Digital E3 Modulevel® liquid level displacer transmitter uses Macro Sensors’ PR Series LVDT linear position sensors to convert liquid level changes.


Magnetrol Macro Digital E3 ModulevelThe Magnetrol® Digital E3 Modulevel® liquid level displacer transmitter, an intrinsically safe 2-wire instrument used for continuous liquid level measurement, liquid/liquid interface level measurement or density control, uses Macro Sensors’ high-temperature custom-designed PR Series of separate core LVDT linear position sensors as part of the internal electronics needed to convert liquid level changes into 4- to 20-mA output signals.  According to the companies, the liquid level displacer transmitter additionally delivers:

  • Simple buoyancy principles, which act upon the spring-supported displacer of the transmitter, causing a vertical motion of the core within Macro Sensors’ AC-operated LVDT linear position sensor installed near the top of the transmitter, to detect and convert liquid level changes to useable measurement output. 
  • Voltages induced across the secondary windings of the separate core LVDT as the core position changes with liquid levels.
  • Signal processing, which controls the current in the 4- to 20-mA output, in the electronic circuitry of the LVDT linear position sensor.
  • An enclosing tube that acts as a static isolation barrier between the LVDT and the process media. 
  • An inline design that results in low instrument weight and simplified installation. 
  • Suitability for the chemical, petroleum refining, nuclear, power generation and oil field industries for various level applications.

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