Bag Yourself a New Filter

Hayward Flow Control's FLV Series thermoplastic bag filter comes with a true-union design for multiple end connections and sizes.


Hayward FLVHayward Flow Control has launched its advanced FLV Series thermoplastic bag filter with a true-union design for multiple end connections and sizes, as well as quick installation and removal. According to the company, the FLV further features:

  • 100-GPM flow capacity for sizes 1-1/4 to 2 inches, and 150-GPM flows for sizes from 2-1/2 to 4 inches.
  • A pressure rating of 150 PSI (10 BAR) non-shock at 70ºF for all sizes, in addition to a service temperature of up to 240°F (116°C).
  • Construction from a 1-piece, injection-molded platinum glass-filled polypropylene body in sizes 1 and 2 (16 and 32 inches).  
  • A size range from 1-1/4 through 4 inches in socket, threaded and flanged connections.
  • A hand-removable, ergonomic cover with a liquid displacing dome.
  • A hinged basket design for easy bag removal.
  • PVC and CPVC socket ends, plus glass-filled polypropylene threaded and flanged connections.
  • In-line or loop flow configurations.
  • A vent valve included on the cover.
  • A drain port on the bottom.
  • An integral mounting base.
  • The flexibility to be ordered as a Simplex through Quadplex unit.
  • Optional drill and tap NPT ports for interchangeability with existing installations, not to mention an optional vent gauge with a gauge guard, a pressure differential gauge and switch, and cartridge adapters.
  • Suitability for water and wastewater treatment, aquatic and animal life support systems, chemical processing, metal plating, food and beverage, aquaculture and commercial plumbing systems.