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Preventing Cross-Contamination between Batches

Spiroflow Systems specifically designed  its T11 bulk bag Super Discharger to be hygienically and rapidly dismantled without tools to avoid microbiological growth.

Spiroflow Systems has specifically designed  its T11 bulk bag Super Discharger to meet the demands of the pharmaceutical industry, in which the hygienic and rapid dismantling of components without tools is essential to avoid microbiological growth or cross-contamination between batches. The company says that the Super Discharger also grants:

  • A safety-tested bag-lifting frame that holds the bag in place during discharge.
  • A dust cabinet that offers total containment during discharge.
  • Stainless steel construction for a bead-blast or mirror-polish finish.
  • The power to be completely stripped down within minutes by 2 plant employees. 
  • No dead pockets, so the unit is easy to pressure wash, steam clean, manually clean or sterilize. 
  • All IP67-rated electrical and pneumatic connections for better dust/ingress protection, depending on the application and cleaning regime. 
  • Optional clean-in-place systems, bag liner removal directly into a compactor and a HEPA filtration system to maintain negative pressure within the dust containment cabinet.

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