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Economical Bench-Top Robot Arm

ST Robotics’ new R12-six vertically articulated robot arm can be unpacked and programmed in just a few hours.

ST Robotics has introduced their new R12-six, a six-axis vertically articulated robot arm that is an economical bench-top robotic solution. According to the company, this robust, self-contained industrial robot system:

  • Can be unpacked and programmed in just a few hours.
  • Is suitable for applications including testing, sample handling and machine feeding.
  • Is a low-cost arm that is thoroughly capable of the most complex tasks due to its exceptional intelligence, speed, accuracy, reliability, adaptability and ease of programming.
  • Has an effective reach of 500mm and utilizes new, lightweight, high-efficiency digital motors driven by steel-reinforced polyurethane timing belts.
  • Is available with optional, incremental optical encoders that provide unsurpassed integrity, plus a versatile “hand” that incorporates a mounting plate for grippers, vacuum cups, etc.

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