Multi-Purpose Industrial Alarms

Pfannenberg’s PATROL Series PA X 5 105 dB(A) industrial flashing sounders fulfill numerous requirements for alarming individuals of hazardous situations or production problems in factories. According to the company, the alarms are characterized by:

  • Suitable for applications including: evacuation signals in the event of fire, toxic gas leak or chemical spill; promoting safety around dangerous machinery by warning personnel and bystanders of impending startup or movement; improving product quality and minimizing waste by warning operators of functional problems with machinery; and alerting production technicians of process upsets due to out-of-tolerance manufacturing conditions.
  • The unit is designed as an integrated flashing sounder, rather than combining a sounder with a bolted-on flashing light.
  • The lens cover is large, highly visible and available in a variety of colors.
  • The xenon strobe flash tube contains no filament to break and is secured by a steel clamp to further protect it from abuse.
  • Users can choose from a wide selection of acoustic tones which are electronically self-generated, and, since there are no moving parts, the device’s reliability is enhanced for critical applications.
  • The housing is manufactured from a UV-resistant and flame-retardant polycarbonate/ABS blend and is offered in red, grey or white to meet application requirements and building decor.
  • The unit splits into two pieces for ease of installation; the base portion facilitates all wiring connections so installation is straightforward and requires only one person.
  • Users have the ability to select from 80 unique tones, including continuous, sweeping, alternating, pulsing and interrupted tones as well as simulated bells, sirens and whoops that meet international standards.
  • Four tone stages are available at each setting, permitting one device to sound, for example, an evacuation tone, an all-clear tone, a time for lunch tone and an end of shift tone.