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Imagine a Compact Thermal Imager …

OMEGA Engineering introduces its OSXL-I Series thermal imagers with an accurate point-and-shoot camera that incorporates an easy-to-use, focus-free lens.

OMEGA Engineering introduces its OSXL-I Series (FLIR I Series) thermal imagers, which are powered by FLIR®, with:

  • The capability to help find wasteful energy loss, locate moisture damage, document repairs, detect energized equipment, minimize downtime and more.
  • An accurate point-and-shoot camera with an easy-to-use, focus-free lens.
  • The capacity to store up to 5,000 JPEG images with a convenient thumbnail image gallery.
  • A 71-mm (2.8-inch) LCD color display to make it easy to read images and temperature data.
  • Easier, faster and safer operation than using infrared thermometers.
  • A compact, lightweight design.
  • CE compliance.

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