Simultaneously Fluidize & Float

AAAmachine’s Kawata Super mixer/floater is an energy-saving mixer capable of stable and high-precision mixing of powders, granules and fluids. According to the company, its Super floater additionally provides:

  • The world's first mixer based on new principles — the 3D motion of the mixing vessel allows both the fluidizing and flotation of material.
  • A Mitsubishi Plastics’ AQSOA adsorption heat pump chiller with 10 KW (36,000 BTUs/hour) of cooling capacity, using 65° to 85°C (149° to 185°F) hot water, thus generating chilled water directly from hot water.
  • A plastic bag in the vessel, which facilitates cleaning.
  • Electricity used only for control and water flow.
  • The flexibility of the chiller unit to use waste heat or solar hot water, which contributes to your green policy.

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