Pure Chemical Containment


VICI DynacalVICI Metronics has developed its Dynacal® permeation tubes to contain a pure chemical compound in a 2-phase equilibrium between its gas phase, and its liquid or solid phase. Furthermore, according to the company, these small, inert capsules deliver:

  • The emission of the compound through its permeable portion at a constant rate and temperature. 
  • Accurate, stable concentrations that range from PPB to high PPM.
  • The establishment of a reference point for the verification of an analysis. 
  • Easy installation — simply insert the device into a carrier flow to generate test atmospheres.
  • The convenience of certifying permeation tube rates by using standards traceable to NIST by the most basic and accurate laboratory procedure — measuring the gravimetric weight loss over a known period of time at a known temperature.
  • Suitability for calibrating gas analyzer systems, testing hazardous gas alarms, or conducting long-term studies of effects on materials or biological systems — in short, any situation requiring a stable concentration of a specific trace chemical.
  • Gas chromatography calibration applications that include laboratories, environmental, semiconductor, petrochemical, and food and beverage.