Torque Density Reaches New Heights


G30A planetary gearboxesPittman® G30A planetary gearboxes are designed with maximum torque density and durability in mind.  According to the company, these small gearboxes feature:

  • A design engineered to complement five different series of Pittman motors.
  • A mounting profile of 30.5mm (1.20-in) in diameter, or 38.0mm (1.50-in) square when the optional mounting flange is used. 
  • Gearbox lengths vary depending on the gear reduction and range from 33.7 millimeters (1.33 inches) to 51.2 millimeters (2.02 inches). 
  • Fourteen standard reduction ratios are available ranging from 4:1 to 1296:1 and allow a maximum output load of 2.47Nm (350 oz-in) to 8.83Nm (1250 oz-in). 
  • Custom gear ratios can also be configured to meet just about any application need.
  • Sintered steel planet gears promote high torque capacity and low audible noise while maintaining a compact design. 
  • Single-piece carrier plates with integral gear posts and sun gear can be arranged to achieve many different reduction ratios. 
  • The gearbox output is through a 416 stainless steel shaft and a sintered metal output bearing. 
  • Optional ball bearings are available for high radial loads.