Measure Vibration & Temperature


CMPT Copperhead Transmitter UnitSKF’s CMPT Copperhead Transmitter Unit (CTU) is a new 24/7 digital vibration- and temperature-measurement and transmission tool that can work with machinery fault detection systems for fans, pumps, gearboxes and electric motors. According to the company, the unit delivers:

  • The ability to measure temperature as well as measure and analyse three types of vibration signals — SKF’s acceleration enveloping, acceleration or velocity — while enabling the user to select the appropriate analysis for the preferred application.
  • Special functions for low-speed machinery, with an ability to monitor unbalance and misalignment down to 120 r/min, and bearing and gearbox condition down to 20 r/min
  • Date transmission using 4-20mA or 0-10V DC or CAN-bus messages.
  • The CAN-bus interface enables remote communication with a control system or operator terminal to allow remote configuration and monitoring of the CMPT CTU, and also allows multiple CMPT CTUs to be connected by a serial communication cable.
  • Can be delivered as a turn-key solution with an operating terminal (CMPT HMI) for alarm display, logging and management.
  • Up to 64 distributed CMPT CTUs can be connected to one operating terminal.
  • The CMPT HMI features a user-friendly 3.5-inch or 5.7-inch touchscreen and is delivered with a pre-programmed alarm list that can be downloaded to a USB memory flash drive.
  • The terminal can be customized with operator-specific views, multiple languages and various output options.