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Energy-Efficient Fine Materials Production

Alstom's Raymond® ultra-fine mill is capable of outputting materials five times finer than existing mill systems, while consuming up to 50 percent less energy.


Alstom Raymond MillAlstom introduces its Raymond® ultra-fine mill as capable of outputting materials 5 times finer than existing mill systems, and consuming up to 50 percent less energy than competing mill technologies. The company believes that this air-swept vertical ring mill additionally provides:

  • A shaft that rotates convex rolls inside concave grinding rings to reduce materials to high degrees of fineness in a multi-stage process.
  • The production of fine powders used in fillers, coatings and pigments.
  • The capacity to deliver products as fine as 50 percent passing 2 microns, or as coarse as 50 percent passing 10 microns.
  • Air flowing within the mill, which carries ground material through the classification process to achieve the desired fineness.
  • Versatile grinding elements that can be adapted to meet product size specifications.
  • Highly accurate fineness separation, as well as a low classifier speed.
  • The inclusion of an independent mill speed reducer and noise reduction technology, in addition to the product collector and system control modules.
  • A compact design.

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