Air Brakes for Hazardous Environments


Air BrakesForce Control Industries Inc. has introduced Posistop X-Class air brakes for use in hazardous, combustible and explosive environments.  According to the company, the brakes are characterized by:

  • Ideal for use with air motors, air winches, air hoists or other air-operated machinery commonly used in potentially volatile environments.
  • A precise and reliable design, which assures constant torque, yet requires no adjustment or maintenance. 
  • Ideal suitability for manufacturing facilities where hazardous conditions exist, including gas, flour, sugar, grain, oil, gasoline and gunpowder.
  • Other applications include coal loading or processing facilities, offshore and land-based oil and gas wells, and ship and rail loading of hazardous materials.
  • Because the brake is actuated without the use of a sacrificial wear surface (as in dry braking systems), they typically last 5 to10 times longer than dry friction brakes. 
  • No adjustments are required, and maintenance is virtually eliminated, yielding additional savings for labor, spare parts, order costs, inventory, replacement costs and downtime.
  • The unique split-clamped quill with locking collar improves quill to shaft connection, thereby reducing key and key damage, and potentially saving the motor shaft.
  • Teflon liners used under all O-ring seals in the piston allow the O-ring to remain static, eliminating wear and cracking. 
  • The heavy-duty epoxy coated housings maintain sealing integrity, ensuring that no dirt, dust or moisture gets in the brake and no friction material dust gets out. 
  • All brakes are shipped fully assembled and tested, to ensure smooth installation and start-up, with no complex assembly required.