Protect Electrical Cabling from Moisture


TB fittingsThe T&B® Fittings High-/Low-Temperature Liquidtight System from Thomas & Betts protects electrical cabling from moisture in extreme temperatures from  -60 to 150° C (-76 to 302°F). According to the company, additional features include:

  • The system combines high-temperature rated thermoplastic Liquidtight fittings and ATX flexible metal conduit.
  • HT Liquidtight fittings are available in straight, 45-degree and 90-degree configurations.
  • All fittings in the system feature double-beveled sealing rings that are manufactured from high-temperature rated thermoplastic.
  • ATX Flexible Metal Conduit is able to withstand extreme temperatures with its construction of a standard core and a thermoplastic rubber jacket.
  • Containing no halogens, the thermoplastic material has a flammability rating of UL 98-HB.
  • Among the fittings’ other features are Safe-Edge® Ground Cones that are designed to provide superior bonding, stronger pullout, easy threading and conductor protection.
  • Fittings comply with UL 514B and are available in 53® series fitting design.
  • An optional Revolver® Grounding lug is available, which saves time by aligning in the preferred position.