Automated Barrier Door


Guardian DefenderFrommelt Safety has just introduced the Guardian Defender, an automated barrier door designed to guard machinery, contain processes and protect employees from robotic/machine movement zones. According to the company, the new door boasts:

  • Patent-pending upgrades to its non-contact safety switch configuration, control systems and interlocking capabilities.
  • A new, more resilient curtain material that resists a wider array of application-driven hazards and offers optional variable frequency drive to control curtain speed. 
  • New quick-disconnect cables, which allow for easier installation and integration than comparable barrier doors.  
  • Like its predecessor, the Slimline, it is a high-speed, high-cycle automated door that separates machine operators and manufacturing processes.
  • It is an ideal safe-guarding device for robotic welding cells, material handling, automated assembly, palletizing/packaging machinery and other applications that require electronic safe guarding devices.
  • It also contains fumes, sparks, smoke, mist, flying debris, excess noise and other common manufacturing process by-products.
  • The roll-up design leaves a minimal footprint in the typically crowded manufacturing cell.
  • A PLe hold-down mechanism, which locks the door in “down” position to allow for machine “de-energizing” time (necessitated by issues such as roll inertia in the paper industry.)
  • Redesigned rotary cam limit switch, encoder positioning and variable frequency drive, to control the curtain’s operating speed and position, dramatically improving the adjustability of door position, speed and control.
  • Non-contact interlock switches, manufactured by Jokab, Pilz, Schmersal and Allen Bradley; these provide up to PLe specifications per EN ISO 13849-1 when integrated properly.
  • Designed with new EN 10218-2 specifications in mind.