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Wireless, Multi-Gas Detector

Industrial Scientific now offers the Ventis ™ LS multi-gas detector as part of the Accenture Life Safety Solution.


Ventis™ LS multi-gas detectorIndustrial Scientific now offers the Ventis™ LS multi-gas detector as part of the Accenture Life Safety Solution. According to the company, key characteristics of the detector include:

  • Using Wi-Fi and location-based technologies to remotely monitor those working in potentially hazardous environments, this wireless solution helps keep people safer. 
  • The Accenture Life Safety Solution leverages the expertise of Industrial Scientific, as well as their unique Gas Detection as a Service solution known as iNet®.
  • The solution is designed to continuously monitor employees working in plant environments across oil and gas, chemicals, petrochemicals, metals, mining, forest products and utilities.
  • The Ventis LS has the ability to detect one to four gases, including H2S, O2, LEL, CO, SO2 and NO2.
  • In potentially hazardous conditions, the instrument alerts users through audible, visual and vibrating alarms.
  • The instrument’s gas level information is then transmitted over Cisco’s Unified Wireless Network using the gas detector’s integrated Wi-Fi Tag from AeroScout; the gas detection information is then sent to a control room, where an operator can react to the data.
  • Because of the gas detector’s wireless technology, the operator can quickly locate the employee in danger, and organize rescue operations — a separate alert would be sent to the control room if lack of motion is detected or if the individual activates the detector’s panic button.
  • Operators can go outside of the plant with the same functionality using a combination of Wi-Fi and cellular communications
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