Exchange Old Pumps for New Pumps


‘trade in, trade up, pump smart’Edwards, a leading global manufacturer of vacuum equipment, has launched a new ‘trade in, trade up, pump smart’ campaign, which allows users to trade in their old vacuum pump and make significant savings on the cost of a new GXS dry vacuum pump.  According to the company:

  • Customers can now trade in any make and specification of vacuum pump for a new Edwards GXS dry screw vacuum pump, or pump and booster combination, at a significantly reduced cost.
  • Customers also receive one day of start-up assistance from an experienced Edwards’ field service engineer (experts advise how the pumps can be set up to deliver optimum performance, check for correct installation and demonstrate operation).
  • The compact GXS dry vacuum pump features cutting-edge screw technology, advanced temperature control, robust and reliable operation (even in harsh applications), a long pump service life and virtually maintenance-free performance for up to five years.