Brakes for Wind Turbines


Wind-power brakeMayr® power transmission has equipped its maintenance-free wind-power brake, based on the tried-and-tested ROBA-stop®-M brake, for the tough conditions found in wind-turbine applications. According to the company, the brakes are characterized by:

  • In addition to rustproof components such as in thrust springs, the brakes include friction linings especially developed for these applications, combined with special non-corrosive counter-friction surfaces.
  • All function-relevant values for each individual brake are inspected and documented before delivery in order to guarantee maximum operational safety of the system.
  • Countless tests in the company's own Development and Testing Department provide the basis for conscientious lifetime dimensioning, taking into account realistic and verified braking torque tolerances.
  • The company has supplied more than 100,000 wind power brakes to renowned drive manufacturers for use in wind power plants, and has not, up to now, registered any failures.