Lightweight Condensing Boilers


Caliber™ boiler lineFulton Boiler Works offers a new line of condensing boilers ranging from 300,000 to 850,000 BTUs per hour. According to the company, the Caliber™ boiler line is characterized by:

  • The boilers are condensing, lightweight commercial hydronic boilers with ultra-low emissions of CO and NOx.
  • The product line features a high-quality, full stainless heat exchanger suitable for hydronic heating.
  • Boilers are equipped with a Honeywell SOLA control and a variable speed premix combustion system capable of a 5:1 turndown.
  • The line includes: the Tribute® vertical tubeless steam boiler, the Reliance™ high-efficiency hydronic boiler, and the Vantage™ condensing hydronic boiler. 
  • Each model offers unique characteristics and features.