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Flexible Data Acquisition

Alligator Technologies’ USBPBP-S1™ is a USB-controlled device that is configurable in a wide variety of applications and available in a wide range of filter characteristics.


USBPBP-S1™Alligator Technologies’ USBPBP-S1™ is a USB-controlled, single-channel programmable signal-conditioning instrumentation amplifier and band pass filter. According to the company, the product is:

  • Extremely configurable in a wide variety of applications and available in a wide range of filter characteristics. 
  • Characterized by built-in intelligence to configure itself from power-up with changeable but non-volatile configuration and operate independently in both a “Turn-Key” or host-computer-controlled scenario. 
  • Compatible with all 12-, 16-, or 24-bit A/D devices and ideal for filtering applications in sound and vibration testing, ultrasonics, acoustics, structural analysis, industrial, test, scientific and laboratory data collection and applied mechanical applications in electronics, aerospace, field research, automotive and process control industries.
  • Able to provide users with the ability to mix and match filter characteristics and independently select and program each module’s high-pass corner frequency and low-pass corner frequency, and gain steps up to x1000 in either single-ended or differential measurements. 
  • Capable of operating without the USB connection for turn-key applications.
  • Able to be configured as an 8-pole Butterworth, Bessel, elliptic, or linear phase low-pass filter characteristic and a 4-pole Bessel or Butterworth high-pass filter.
  • Very easy to connect and use and able to be independently wired for differential or single-ended measurement. 
  • Characterized by an internal low-pass corner frequency control source, or it can be dynamically controlled from an external source providing a low-pass filter corner frequency from 0.1 Hz to 200 kHz (depending on the filter characteristic) as well as external control signal syncing for tracking filter applications. 
  • Supplied with a flexible software package of menu-driven programs and drivers, which includes a ready-made windows application that allows the user to quickly program all of the parameters with a few mouse clicks. 

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