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Combo HMI-PLC with Custom IO

Maple Systems introduces its HMC human machine controller, which combines a human-machine interface with a programmable logic controller into one unit.


Maple HMCMaple Systems introduces its HMC human machine controller as a cost effective, efficient and compact way to combine a human-machine interface (HMI) and programmable logic controller (PLC) into 1 unit. Simply put, HMC=HMI+PLC. Furthermore, the company says that the HMC offers:

  • A customizable I/O, accepting up to 5 plug-in I/O modules with varying configurations of digital and analog inputs and outputs.
  • Selection from a 3.5- or a 5.7-inch touch-screen display, each equipped with 6 function keys adjacent to the screen.
  • A software application to help you program the graphic interface and ladder logic, resulting in improved performance and efficiency.
  • The flexibility to integrate with an existing system serially and support many popular communication protocols.
  • Compliance with a Class I, Div. 2 rating, in addition to cULus, NEMA 4, CE and RoHS.

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