Some Like It Hot

Grieve recently launched its No. 800 electrically heated, 850ºF (~454ºC) cabinet oven, which is currently being used for drying specialty plastic powders at a customer’s facility. The 800 walk-in oven is further highlighted by:

  • 20 KW installed in Incoloy-sheathed tubular heating elements.
  • An 800-CFM, 3/4-HP recirculating blower that provides horizontal airflow to the workload.
  • A disposable fresh air filter.
  • A Type 304, 2B-finished stainless steel interior with continuously welded seams.
  • 6-inch insulated walls.
  • A stainless steel loading truck and transfer dolly, including an oven-to-dolly latch and dolly-to-truck latch. 
  • All safety equipment onboard, including a mini-helic pressure gauge to indicate internal oven pressure, to handle flammable solvents. 
  • Dimensions of 38 (W) by 26 (D) by 38 inches (H).