Analytical Lab Balance with Auto-Recalibration

Now available from Tovatech, the Kern ABT high-precision laboratory analytical balance automatically recalibrates itself under four scenarios: every four hours, after temperature fluctuations of 0.5° C (0.9° F); when switching from standby to weighing and after being reconnected to its power source. According to the company, the lab balance is also characterized by:

  • Prior to a recalibration, the balance alerts technicians, who can then postpone the process until their weighing operation is complete.
  • The laboratory balance automatically outputs GLP/ISO data to a PC or printer.
  • Availability in various models, two of which are the ABT 120-5DM and ABT 220-5DM, which provide resolution to 0.01 mg for load ranges of 1 mg to 42 g, and 1 mg to 82 g, respectively.
  • Four other single weighing range models are available — all are tailor-made for organizations demanding high-precision electronic scales delivering stable temperature behavior, a short stabilization time and excellent weighing precision even with samples at the edge of the pan.
  • The versatile ABT analytical balances also accommodate piece counting, recipe weighing, percentage determination, suspended weighing capabilities, metric/non-metric operation, and feature large LCD displays.
  • All are backed with 3-year warranties.