Specialized Filters for Process Sample Filtration

Parker Hannifin’s Filtration and Separation Division has introduced Balston® Fast Loop Sample Filters, which offer the benefit of real-time sampling with high-efficiency filtration. According to the company, the filters feature these characteristics:

  • The unique flow pattern continuously flushes the filter cartridge, carrying the contaminants back out to the process stream and maximizing the filter cartridge life.
  • Axial velocity flushes the bulk contaminants through the filter housing back to the process stream. 
  • The sample stream passes through the filter cartridge wall with low flow and radial velocity. 
  • The clean side of the sample filter system has very low volume, which minimizes lag time.  
  • Filter cartridges are offered in a wide range of efficiencies from 100 micron to 0.01 micron, several of which are cleanable and reuseable.
  • These new filters significantly reduce the maintenance requirements and costs of the entire sampling system by offering maximum protection to the analyzer and extending the life of the filter cartridge.