Proximity Alarm with LED & Audio Warnings

Standex Electronics introduces a non-contact Proximity Alarm that combines both audio and visual alerts, believed to be an industry first.  According to the company, the alarm is characterized by:

  • An LED indicator light that is illuminated and an audio warning that sounds when the trigger element nears the base element.
  • Ideal suitability for varied applications, such as position sensing, child safety applications, door ajar indicators, pet safety, security applications, and more. 
  • Battery-powered design that requires no wires or hookups, making it easy to install and simple to include into existing designs. 
  • Proven technology, including the GR150 and GR200 magnetic reed switches (measuring as small as 3.7 mm in length, these extremely small reed switches retain magnetic sensitivity of 2-4 Ampere Turns (AT), typical operating time of 0.2 milliseconds, and a typical release time of 0.1 milliseconds).