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Reliable Chemical Dry Vacuum Pumps

Edwards has launched a new range of dry pumps which delivers exceptional vacuum performance in harsh chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical processes.

Edwards has launched a new range of dry pumps which delivers exceptional vacuum performance in harsh chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical processes. The easy-to-use CXS pumps:

  • Feature cutting-edge tapered screw technology, excellent reliability, simple installation, an environmentally friendly design, and offer improved liquid and solids handling. 
  • Are economical to run β€” users can optimize their vacuum processes and minimize overall cost of ownership.
  • Provide low energy usage and utility costs, deep and flexible vacuum down to 10-3 mbar, no contamination of the process stream or cooling water, and no effluent generation.
  • Are robust and reliable β€” even in harsh pumping environments β€” and have excellent liquid- and solids-handling capability, with the ability to pump up to one liter of liquid per minute continuously and up to 25 liter slugs without stopping.
  • Are independently certified for use in hazardous environments to ensure safe pumping of flammable gases, and they are able to pump corrosive gases without corroding.
  • Feature advanced screw technology that gives smooth, gradual compression along the length of the rotor, which results in improved thermal control and optimized pumping at all inlet pressures. 
  • Feature an advanced temperature management system (TMS) which maintains the temperature at programmable levels for optimal process performance.
  • Use flooded air-gap potted motors which are up to 15 percent more efficient than standard motors and integral drive and control systems, helping to lower the cost of ownership.
  • Feature pump mechanisms that are smooth and quiet, with noise levels as low as 64 dB(A). 
  • Can be close-coupled and vertically aligned with mechanical boosters to achieve minimum footprint and height. 
  • Have long service intervals of up to 5 years and require minimal routine maintenance over their life expectancy of more than 25 years.
  • Are available as stand-alone pumps or complete systems, including mechanical boosters for higher pumping capacities and with accessories such as valves, flame arresters, condensers, knock-out pots, and filters. 
  • Are available in two different models β€” CXS160 and CXS250 β€” which give nominal capacities of 160 m3h-1 and 250 m3h-1 respectively. 
  • Have an integral controller, PID pressure control and safety systems for β€˜plug and play’ operation, and can be linked to any external control system via a variety of modern communication interfaces such as Ethernet and Profibus DP.
  • Provide fast pump down and excellent control which results in optimum performance in a variety of applications such as distillation, drying, evaporation, reactor service, house vacuum, solvent recovery, crystallization, and filtration.