An Air Hoist that Lifts 125 Tons

Materials handling and lifting specialists J. D. Neuhaus have manufactured what is believed to be the world’s first air-operated hoist with a lift capacity of 125 tons. This air host is:

  • The most powerful unit in their EH range of handling equipment.
  • Designated as an EH 125 monorail hoist, operates from a 6 bar air pressure, and is equipped with 10kW and 2.8kW rated motors for the lifting and traverse functions, respectively.
  • Supplied with a six double-chain mechanism providing a 3 meter lift at speeds of 0.30 m/min within a full load, and 0.38 m/min on lowering.
  • Capable of achieving horizontal travel speeds of 6 m/min with maximum load and 8 m/min when unloaded.
  • Supplied with a 2-meter length flexible connection with an ergonomic multi-function pendant controller for precise, infinitely variable control of the lift/lowering and traverse operations.
  • Designed for operating within heavy industries such as steelworks, cement, chemical, power generation, and shipbuilding plants, as well as the oil and gas markets.
  • Equipped with a low-headroom design that ensures that the hoist can be used where minimum operating space is available, while an Ex rating ensures suitability for use in hazardous areas where there is a potential risk of explosion.
  • 100 percent duty rated, insensitive to humidity- and dust-laden atmospheres, and can operate within a temperature range of -20° C to +70° C.
  • Equipped with standard safety features including: a fail-safe brake to hold the load in the event of air supply failure, an emergency shut-off valve, anti-climb and anti-drop devices, and an emergency lowering device.
  • Available with optional accessories such as: overload and increased spark protection, two-speed trolley travel control, and rack and pinion drive.
  • Customizable: Non-standard lift heights and remote radio-control operation can also be accommodated.