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Get Rid of Fibrous Material Buildup

The Chemineer® RL-3™ ragless impeller prevents fibrous material buildup, which can deteriorate performance and increase energy costs, on agitators' rotating impellers.

Chemineer® has designed its RL-3™ ragless impeller to prevent fibrous material buildup, which can deteriorate performance, increase energy costs and even damage gearbox bearings and gears, on the rotating impeller of agitators. The company says that the high axial flow RL-3™ also offers:

  • Optimal mixing performance in blending and solids suspension applications, especially if the fluid contains fibrous material, such as in the wastewater treatment industry.
  • The prevention of material buildup, which reduces maintenance costs and downtime, increases performance and extends the service life of the agitator.
  • The capability to handle loads related to material and flow impingement to ensure reliable operation and a long service life.
  • Safe and reliable operation.
  • A strong central hub and sturdy blades.
  • Easy retrofitting to existing agitators.
  • Application versatility with a wide range of sizes and materials.
  • Support through Chemineer Express™ for sizing assistance as needed.

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