Calibration System for Laboratory & Field

Forston Labs’ new pre-programmed Multi-Cal ISE™ (Ion Selective Electrode) helps save time and money for laboratory and field calibration and monitoring. The Multi-Cal?system:

  • Allows the user to store multiple calibration ranges in the laboratory and then retrieve them for use as needed in the field.
  • May be used with most other brands of Ion Selective Electrodes, in addition to the sensors from Forston Labs.
  • Provides from two to four calibration ranges, and the LabNavigator monitors up to four ISEs simultaneously.
  • Is available with Multi-Cal kits for Nitrate, Ammonium, pH, Calcium, and Chloride, with others on request.
  • Is a user-friendly handheld system that provides multi-range, immediate and spot-on field chemical analysis.
  • Includes the LabNavigator, which allows a lab or field user to input methods or instructions for easy reference, collect data from the sensors, and analyze the data; review historical site data and protocols; and record notes in voice format or typed format directly into one instrument, while using up to five different types of sensors simultaneously.
  • Offers analysis features in graphing mode through the LabNavigator — users can perform linear and curve fits, draw a prediction line before collecting data, display multiple graphs at once, display a tangent line on the graph, get peak integration and baseline adjustments, and more.