An Absorbent Mat that Always Stays Put

New Pig Corp. has introduced PIG® Grippy® Mat, a revolutionary absorbent mat with a one-of-a-kind adhesive bottom that stays put, no matter what™. The mat additionally:

  • Soaks up leaks, drips and overspray without bunching up, curling or sliding, and peels up easily without leaving residue.
  • Is tough enough for high-traffic work areas, walkways and anywhere slippery floors are a problem.
  • Has been tested and certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) as a high-traction surface which can reduce slip and fall claims by as much as 90 percent when used as part of a Floor Safety Program.
  • Is durable and absorbent — it absorbs oils, coolants, solvents and water.
  • Features a poly backing that creates an additional barrier to prevent absorbed liquids from passing through to the floor.
  • Features a spunbond top layer with heavy-duty stitching and eight layers of fine-fiber polypropylene.
  • Cuts easily with scissors or a utility knife to fit even smaller size applications like workbench and toolbox liners.
  • Is available in rolls, pads, rugs or a dispenser box.