Push-Through Slurry Valve Minimizes Downtime

ITT Corp. has introduced the latest additional to its family of mining products, the Fabri-Valve® 33 PTA push-through slurry valve. According to the company, the valves:

  • Are specifically designed to withstand harsh slurry applications in the mining industry.
  • Incorporate proprietary sleeve technology and a wide body design that, together, maximize valve life.
  • Feature elastomeric seats that have been engineered to provide the highest degree of abrasion resistance and chemical compatibility; the seats form a pressure boundary, allowing for maintenance of gate and actuation while under pressure, to minimize downtime.
  • Have a push-through seat design that  is self-cleaning and has low discharge — When dealing with discharge valves, ITT considers operator safety as the number-one priority and has developed specific guidelines to help raise safety awareness and help customers choose the right valve for their applications.
  • Are available in sizes ranging from 3-inch to 24-inch diameters (DN80-DN600), and are rated to operate at 100 psi (10.3 bar).
  • Are competitively priced and available from authorized ITT Fabri-Valve distributors.