Weighing PC with Touchscreen Enhances Efficiency

With an innovative, readable touchscreen interface, the IND890 weighing PC from Mettler Toledo allows operators to easily obtain complex, multi-step weigh results. The weighing PC touchscreen also features:
  • A smooth design, free of so-called “dirty edges” that trap moisture and product matter, which makes cleanup a breeze in harsh industrial environments.
  • Processors that save time between product and shift changeovers while also enhancing safety when hygiene counts.
  • The hallmark touchscreen that offers self-explanatory, visually appealing icons and optimized operator guidance — Operators see only what they need for a given operation.
  • Extensive free programming, so the PC’s software can be customized to the desired application, further simplifying weighing and speeding time-to-result.
  • Efficiency is enhanced by the terminal’s ergonomic design, which provides the greatest possible flexibility in application.
  • Programmable softkeys mean an operator can adjust the terminal’s keystroke patterns to his or her own working style.
  • Country and language-specific screen layouts, along with large weight value display options, also enhance usability.
  • Different status messages from all simultaneously working scales can be viewed concurrently for easy comparison and subsequent correction of amounts and values for significant productivity gain — displaying of up to four scales plus sum is possible when desired.
  • The IND890-15—the larger of two terminal versions—consists of a slimline flat screen and a separate electronics box that contains the PC hardware.
  • The IND890-10, on the other hand, offers a compact, all-in-one design for increased flexibility.
  • Separate components ensure operators can adapt the IND890 to their workspace layout.
  • Both IND890 arrangements offer the same strong computing capabilities and highly accurate weigh data.
  • High-pressure washability is enhanced by IP69k ingress protection, which offers faster and more thorough cleanup between production runs or shift changes for greater equipment uptime and elimination of product cross-contamination.