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A Simple Thermometer to Use

Control Co.'s Traceable® infrared dual-laser thermometer is simple to use — turn it on, point it at a sample and take a reading in less than a second.


Control TraceableAccording to Control Co., its Traceable® infrared dual-laser thermometer, which comes with a Type K probe, is simple to use — turn it on, point it at a sample and take a reading in less than a second. Other features of the Traceable include:

  • The capability to read both Fahrenheit and Celsius on any surface, such as solids, semisolids and liquids.
  • A temperature range from -76 to 1,022°F and -60 to 550°C, with a resolution of 0.1°, and an accuracy of ±2 percent or 2°C + 2 percent.
  • A 12:1 field of view — for example, at a distance of 24 inches, the reading spot size is 2 inches.
  • A dual display that shows the current temperature, plus one of the following 8 modes — emissivity value, maximum memory, minimum memory, differential, average (time weighted), high-temperature alarm, low-temperature alarm and probe temperature.
  • Dual lasers to indicate the outer diameter of the surface area being measured, plus a white LED light to illuminate the surface.  
  • The ability to display the average of all readings made while taking measurements and the difference between 2 readings.
  • Audible, user-settable high and low alarms to signal out-of-range conditions.
  • A display backlight to facilitate viewing in low light conditions.
  • An individually serial-numbered Traceable® certificate provided from the company’s ISO 17025 calibration laboratory accredited by A2LA to ensure accuracy.
  • Non-invasive, no-touch measurements, which are ideal for food, life science, pharmaceutical, petroleum product, clean room, electronic and field-use applications.

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