Golden Hydrogen Sulfide Detection

Arizone J605Arizona Instrument introduces its J605 hydrogen sulfide analyzer to detect hydrogen with a thin gold film, which in the presence of mercury vapor or hydrogen sulfide gas, undergoes an increase in electrical resistance proportional to the mass of mercury vapor or hydrogen sulfide in the sample. The analyzer additionally offers:

  • The capability to determine the amount of the toxic gas adsorbed and display the measurement in PPM or PPB for hydrogen sulfide, depending on the range in use.
  • An ambient air sample, which is diluted in the flow system at a ratio of 100:1 during normal sampling in Range 1 or 2. 
  • Undiluted air samples, which are drawn across the gold film sensor, when sampling in Range 0 (where low levels of hydrogen sulfide are expected).
  • An internal pump that pulls ambient air through a scrubber filter and into the flow system when the sample button is pushed.
  • A gold-film sensor over which the sample is drawn.