Electronic Fingerprint Traceability for Pumps

Fluid Metering 2DPumps from Fluid Metering are now available with 2D bar coding for instant identification — from incoming inspection through manufacturing to future traceability in the field. According to the company, 2D bar coding additionally offers:

  • The ability to instantly identify pumps and other critically related data after the pumps are installed in the field.
  • Single scanning to provide efficient, error-free data input and retrieval of critical pump parameters for applications requiring component traceability for regulatory compliance.  
  • 2D bar-code labels that contain information, which uniquely identifies each pump. Typical embedded information that includes a serial number, a part number, a manufacturing date and calibration data, although customer-defined parameters may be included or substituted as well.
  • Attachment of 2D bar-code labels to each individual pump.
  • Suitability for diagnostic, analytical and pharmaceutical applications.